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CURIOS paper accepted for Digital Humanities 2014 Conference

The CURIOS Team has had a paper accepted by conference chairs for the Digital Humanities 2014 Conference. The conference takes place in Lausanne in July where David Beel and Gemma Webster will present the paper. The extended abstract faced a competitive field before being accepted, as their feedback indicates:

“This year the number and standard of abstracts submitted was exceptionally
high, with over 600 submitted, but we are pleased to be able to open up
another parallel track to accommodate more presentations by members of our
growing community.

We have accepted 8 panels, 137 long papers, 84 short papers, and 120 posters.
This gives an overall acceptance rate of 60%. Acceptance rates for panels,
long papers and short papers are just under 50%, with many more posters slots
being made available this year.”

CURIOS at JIST Conference 2013

Jeff Pan from the CURIOS Team will be presenting “Reasoning Driven Configuration of Linked Data Content Management Systems,” at the JIST Conference in Seoul, Korea on November 28-30th 2013.

S. Taylor, N. Jekjantuk, C. Mellish, and J. Z. Pan, “Reasoning Driven Configuration of Linked Data Content Management Systems,” in JIST, Seoul, Korea, November 28-30, 2013. PDF

CURIOS Wins Best Paper at DE 2013

“CURIOS : Connecting Community Heritage through Linked Data,” is awarded Best Paper at the Digital Engagement Conference 2013!

D. Beel, G. Webster, P. C. Mellish, S. Taylor, and P. C. Wallace, “CURIOS : Connecting Community Heritage through Linked Data,” in Digital Engagement 2013, Manchester, UK, November 4 – 6, 2013. PDF – Winner of Best Paper

CURIOS at the World Social Science Forum, Montreal, Canada

David Beel is presenting CURIOS at the World Social Science Forum in Montreal Canada, which runs from the 13th to the 15th of October 2013. The theme of the forum in 2013 is “social transformation and the digital age”.  It is  the second in the ISSC’s series of Fora and is being hosted and organised by a Canadian consortium led by the International Political Science Association (IPSA).

David will present his paper “CURIOS: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Digitization of Community Heritage Archives“, co-authored with dot.rural Co-Investigators Prof Claire Wallace and Prof Chris Mellish in the Cultural Heritage Panel. The paper discusses the dot.rural CURIOS project and the transformational effects from the digitisation process as well as divulging a number of interesting and on-going tensions that have arisen from the work. The panel takes place in Room 515B on Monday 14 October, 15:00 – 16:45.