The CURIOS Project has an overarching research goal of understanding how digital archives can support local interest in local heritage and, in doing so, can contribute to community regeneration and strengthened community cohesion.

There are currently 4 separate research strands to CURIOS:


It will develop software tools to help remote rural communities to collaboratively maintain and present information about their cultural heritage. The objective is to investigate the use of semantic web/ linked data technology to build a general, flexible and “future proof” software platform that could help such projects to come into existence and be sustainable over time.

CURIOS Mobile:

CURIOS Mobile will develop a smart phone based application for the Hebridean Connections’s (HC) archival data that will deliver the data to the user by a primary search based on their GPS position in the landscape, as provided by their smart phone. The purpose is thus to further illuminate the historical landscape to improve the tourist experience so that they are both keen to stop as well as remain in an area. 

POWKist Prisoner Of War Kist – Visualising Cultural Heritage Linked Datasets

POWkist is a collaboration between dot.rural,Aberdeen University and iSchool at Northumbria University. The POWKist project aims to use semantic technologies to support visualisation of combined linked datasets in the cultural heritage domain. POWkist will cover the whole life-cycle of content from data collection to data consumption by citizen-historians and the general public.

EViDAnCE – Exploring Value in Digital Archives and the Comainn Eachdraidh

This project seeks to comprehend the ways in which the work of comainn eachdraidh (historical societies), based within the Outer Hebrides, produce ‘Cultural Value’ for the communities in which they are embedded.

PhD Project – Using wiki software to enable public engagement in building digital archives for intangible cultural heritage